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About Us

Welcome to Acorn Hideaway Frontier Suites, where rustic charm meets warm hospitality. Allow us to introduce ourselves – we're Tim and Beverly Miller, the proud innkeepers of this cozy retreat.


Our journey to Acorn Hideaway began with a desire for a new adventure after retiring and moving from the bustling city of Seattle to the serene countryside. In early 2021, we took a leap of faith and purchased this charming property boasting 20 inviting guest rooms.

Our story is one of enduring love and shared experiences. We embarked on this journey together straight out of high school, exchanging vows in the untamed wilderness of Fairbanks, AK – a far cry from the urban landscape we later called home. We just celebrated our 50th year of marriage in the summer of 2023, and we reflect fondly on the countless adventures that have strengthened our bond.

Tim brings a wealth of experience as a retired Traffic Engineer, having served various cities, the State of AK, and even international locales like Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Doha, Qatar. Meanwhile, Bev's background includes owning and managing a beloved Christian bookstore, earning recognition as the "Bookstore of the Year for the USA."

Family holds a special place in our hearts. We are blessed with two grown sons, known as The Miller Brothers, who have made their mark as published authors. One resides in the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico with his wife and three grandchildren, while the other calls Terrell, TX home, alongside his wife and three more cherished grandchildren.

Our passion for hard work, exploration, and forging connections with others is evident in everything we do. Bev's knack for repurposing old treasures into new creations finds its perfect outlet in the vibrant community of Canton, where every corner holds the promise of discovery.

At Acorn Hideaway Frontier Suites, we invite you to join us in our love for adventure, warm hospitality, and the joy of making lasting memories. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an exciting exploration of the surrounding area, we're here to ensure your stay is nothing short of delightful.

Come as guests, leave as friends – we can't wait to welcome you to our little slice of frontier paradise.

Warm regards, Tim and Beverly Miller Innkeepers, Acorn Hideaway Frontier Suites

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